Satellite Master Antenna Television Systems – SMATV

Satellite Master Antenna Television Systems or SMATV

SMATV Hotel TV Distribution Systems

Satellite Master Antenna Television, generally known as SMATV in the Hospitality industry, is a single antenna satellite TV distribution system or “headend” system used to send television signal throughout a multi-room hotel. dorm or healthcare property.

How many channels can you have in a SMATV headend system?

You can distribute as many channels as you have modules in your headend system. Every TV or display in every room will receive all the channels.

  • Each standard definition (SD) SMATV headend rack can deliver 12-36 channels.
  • Each module in an HD headend system can deliver 12-24 channels.

The Industry Standards for SMATV HD Headend Systems

The Pro:Idiom encrypted Technicolor Com1000 & LG CodePlus are the most commonly used SMATV headend systems for the delivery of high definition DIRECTV programming.

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