DIRECTV for Hotels and Motels

DIRECTV™ for Hotels and Motels

Home Suite Home

DIRECTV is changing Free-to-Guest (FTG)
TV for Hotels forever.

Whether what you are looking for in a Hotel Television system is a Com1000 Pro:Idiom HD Headend system or LG Code Plus Headend system, the New DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels, an L-Band TV Distribution system, or an IPTV hotel tv system; DIRECTV for Hotels provides an unparalleled entertainment experience with the programming your guests want to see.

DIRECTV for Hotels delivers your guests over 100 channels in HD; premium movie channels including HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and Starz; ESPN & other sports programming; CNN, FOX News, CNBC, Bloomberg and other news and business channels.

High Definition Television (HDTV) FTG Solutions
for Hotels, Motels & Resorts from DIRECTV

Free-To-Guest (FTG) TV for hotels & motels used to be very simple.

TV for hotels meant a distribution or “headend” system with the local channels, HBO and maybe video on demand for adult content & movies. Your guests were satisfied with simple video offerings. There was no high definition vs standard definition or digital vs analog or set top boxes vs Com1000 Headend systems with Pro:idiom decryption. You didn’t have to worry about what type of TV you bought for your hotel and whether it would work on your headend system.

Today your guests expect your hotel to provide the TV & Video experience they have at home. HBO, ESPN, CNN, Fox News, The Food Channel + more all in HD along with all the local channels.

DIRECTV™ & It’s All About Satellites! are making Free-to-Guest (FTG) TV for Hotels & Motels simple again.

We give your guests a full range of In-Room entertainment & connectivity solutions and provide your hotel the hardware and programming at pricing you can afford.

We have the experience and partners to provide all your FTG TV for Hotel & Motel needs in one call and install it right the first time at a competitive price.

Keep Your Hotel Guests Entertained and Your Rooms Filled!

Call 800-951-1979 or Click Here
to see how It’s All About Satellites & DIRECTV for Hotels
will help you fill rooms and keep Guests coming back.


DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels

Now you can give your Hotel Guests a FREE-to-Guest FTG television experience that they will remember & come back for –

– The DIRECTV™ experience they love at home is now available in your hotel room. DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels

DIRECTV’s Hotel Premier Program

DIRECTV Hotel Premier Program

If you need a Headend System to deliver TV to your Hotel Guests, DIRECTV has extended the rebate program for HD Equipment & Programming for new SMATV for Hotel & Motel accounts.

View the complete details of DIRECTV’s TV for Hotels Packages
including pricing & channel listings.

Call 505-296-9423 today or CLICK HERE
to schedule your FREE Site Survey
for DIRECTV™ for your Hotel or Motel

from It’s All About Satellites! (a division of Sound Marketing, Inc.)
New Mexico’s Oldest &  Largest DIRECTV™ dealer

DIRECTV for Hotels


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