Satellite Internet – High Speed Broadband Access

High Speed Broadband Internet Access for your Home or Business from:


HughesNet Satellite Internet
Enjoy easy, convenient high-speed Internet anywhere, anytime. With HughesNet, satellite Internet is available where you are right now!

Pricing from $49.99 per month for blazing fast 1.0 Mbps download speeds for your home
or Business Broadband plans from just $109.99 per month with 2.0Mbps download speeds.

Business plans available with speeds up to with 5.0 Mbps download / 1024 kbps upload
Ask about Recovery Act pricing for rural areas.

You Deserve Better than Dial-up.

High-speed satellite internet provides an “always on” Internet connection with speeds that leave dial-up in the dust – plus it’s available virtually anywhere in the U.S. even in rural areas!

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