NFL Sunday Ticket for Your Bar or Restaurant

NFL Sunday Ticket
– Every Game, Every Sunday


For Current Information on NFL SUNDAY TICKET for Bars and Restaurants ON DIRECTV,
please visit our new website at

NFL Sunday TicketNFL Sunday Ticket - Only on DIRECTV!

Get Every Game, Every Sunday in HD!

  • NFL Sunday Ticket gives you every NFL game, every Sunday – up to 14 games per week.
  • DIRECTV’s exclusive NFL Game Mix Channel with up to 8 games at one time.
  • And the Red Zone Channel with every play inside the 20 yard line.
  • NEW DIRECTV Fantasy Zone Channel

NFL Sunday Ticket is a proven money maker for bars & restaurants nationwide with an average of a 74% increase in foot traffic on Sundays! What would an increase in sales that size mean to your bottom line?

Download our NFL Sunday Ticket ROI Calculator here then call us!

The National Restaurant Association tells us that NFL fans stay longer, often 4 hours, and order 3 or more drinks. How much more money will you make by featuring every NFL game every Sunday?

Call 1-800-951-1979 today to discover just how much money NFL Sunday Ticket can make for your bar or restaurant.

DIRECTV helps you market your bar and draw in more customers with the MVP Marketing Program!  Tools to let your customers know they can count on seeing every NFL game, every Sunday at your bar or restaurant.

  • Sports Bar Finder App for iPhone & Android phones
  • A FREE On-Premise promotional kit that includes banners, posters, coasters, pennants, table tents & more
  • Customized Advertising & Merchandising materials at deeply discounted prices.

NFL Sunday ticket starts as low as $41.17 per Sunday*!

DIRECTV allows you to pay for your NFL Sunday Ticket package in 3 or 5 equal payments over 3 or 5 months so you can start making a profit immediately!

Call your It’s All About Satellites rep today to add NFL Sunday Ticket for your bar
– 1-800-951-1979

Please have your FCO (Fire Code Occupancy) Certificate handy when you call.

NFL Sunday Ticket Midseason Offer

For the 1st time ever DIRECTV is giving you a Midseason Offer on NFL Sunday Ticket.

NFL Sunday Ticket gives you Every Game, Every Sunday.
Up to 14 games per week in HD.

Subscribe now and get NFL Sunday Ticket at 50% off the full season prices.

Plus get a FREE Promotional Kit and credits for the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program! Visit for additional NFL Sunday Ticket merchandise to promote the games and your Bar or Restaurant.

Call 505-296-9423 or 800-951-1979 Today
Find Out How to Get the NFL Sunday Ticket Midseason Offer
for your Bar or Restaurant

NFL Sunday Ticket – Only on DIRECTV

*For New DIRECTV Commercial Customers

7 Responses to NFL Sunday Ticket for Your Bar or Restaurant

  1. Kelly dent says:

    I was writing in today to see about how much it would be for my restaurant to add the nfl ticket… we’re fairly new customers in just opened a 7 months ago… I read that it was is low as 41 dollars a week for new customers so I was wondering about how much it would be for my restaurant for 159 customers.

    • Kelly, Thanks for your post. The DIRECTV dealer that installed your system would be happy to answer that question for you. Have your Fire Code Occupancy certificate available and they will be able to give you an exact price. If for some reason they are unavailable, please contact us. Ask your dealer about the 3 pay and 5 pay options that allows you to spread payments over 3 or 5 months.

  2. copyright questions says:

    with a business direct vt account and nfl sunday ticket, what are the laws regarding charging for viewing? IS it directly allowed based on the commericial account? is it legal to charge a cover? is it legal to promote online the NFL game offered at your business? is it legal to charge for your service (a service related business) specificallly designed to include viewing of the nfl game? I.E. I’m offering “My Service with NFL Sunday Ticket” Are there any online publications on this matter?

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  6. Lauren Steward says:

    My husband just recently got out of the military and we finally are able to settle down in one area. The other night we saw a huge DirectTV promotional poster with turned backs of several popular qb’s to include cam newtown and aaron rodgers. My husband was saying how he would love to have something like this for his well deserved “man cave” I was curious to know is there any way we can purchase one directly? It would mean so much if I could get my hands on one – it would mean a lot to him. Thank you

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