DIRECTV for Medical & Dental Offices

DIRECTV for Medical and Dental Offices

DIRECTV for Medical and Dental Offices

Turn your waiting room into
an “I-dont-mind-waiting-room”

Issues Medical Practices tell us they are facing

  • Patient wait time is growing
    National Average is 23.1 minutes in waiting rooms.  What is your wait time?
  • More staff time being spent on non-revenue generating patient interaction
    National average is 1 minute per patient per visit simply asking how long it will be until they see the doctor!
    How many patient visits do you have each week/month?
    How much is that time spent costing you?

Solutions DIRECTV provides for Medical Practices

  • DIRECTV reduces perceived wait time in 86% of patients by giving them the programming they want to watch.
  • DIRECTV reduces the time your staff spends on interaction with patients.
  • DIRECTV proven to reduce patient anxiety.

Reducing Patient Anxiety in Dental Offices

Imagine your patient with a Bose Noise Cancelling Headset over their ears while they are watching the shows they love on DIRECTV. They are no longer hearing the sounds of your dental practice. Drilling sounds, etc… that create anxiety. They are focused visually on enjoyable television programming.

Imagine the impact on your patient experience and the impact to your practice on increasing sales of standard, high profit services like cleanings and xrays, because your patient no longer is experiencing as much anxiety.

Dental practices that are DIRECTV customers report 50% more visits per patient on average for practices with video and audio in treatment rooms.

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