DIRECTV for Automotive Dealers, Repair & Service

DIRECTV for Automotive Dealers, Repair and ServiceDIRECTV for Automotive

While your customers are waiting for their vehicles to be ready, give them the Ultimate Video Experience.

DIRECTV for BUSINESS reduces perceived wait times!

DIRECTV for BUSINESS will make your customers more willing to wait for additional service to their vehicles because they are entertained. Instead of old, dirty magazines in the waiting area, your customers can enjoy the same television channels & experience they have at home.

National Auto Service centers have reported an increase in upsells or “extra care” of 20% or more after installing DIRECTV in their waiting area.

What would an extra 20% in extra care sales mean to your location?

For Auto Dealerships, Auto Repair, Oil Change, Lube & Tune, Auto Body, & more…

DIRECTV Channel Lineups for Business & Private Viewing & Pricing of the TV packages available for Automotive Dealers, Service and Repair Facilities.



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