DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program

DIRECTV is Giving You the Marketing Resources You Need to Drive Traffic

DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program

It’s All About Satellites is committed to growing your business through the use of Video & Audio and DIRECTV is providing you with the tools & resources to get it done.

With the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program, you get FREE marketing tools to help drive more traffic through your doors. The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program is the ultimate in marketing support for your Bar or Restaurant and it’s only available from DIRECTV. Start taking advantage of the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program’s benefits today!

DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program benefits

  • Promotional sports kits to drive traffic to your establishment
  • A customized advertising and merchandising site
  • Our exclusive Sports Bar Finder mobile app for iPhones and Android phones
  • Recognition of your DIRECTV subscription with top online city guides

Promotional Kits Designed to Drive Traffic

DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program - Promotional Sports Kits

Drive traffic with a promotional kit of banners, posters & coasters.
FREE promotional kits come with your sports package subscriptions.
Kits for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and College Sports
Let people know that your establishment is the DIRECTV® Sports Headquarters.

Customized advertising and merchandising site

DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program - Customized Materials

Take your business to the next level!
Customized marketing pieces designed by bar marketing experts.
Simply sign in to & customize your materials.
As well as order on-premise sports marketing kits.

The Sports Bar Finder mobile app

DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program - Sports Bar Finder App

DIRECTV’s FREE iPhone or Android mobile app tells sports fans where the find the nearest bar or restaurant with DIRECTV
Your bar or restaurant is always just a touch away.
Only Bars with DIRECTV are listed so you get an edge over the competition.

Call It’s All About Satellites at 800-951-1979 to find out more about how you can start using DIRECTV’s MVP Marketing Program to drive traffic to your Bar or Restaurant

Download more information about the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program.


5 Responses to DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program

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  2. Dennis Gawronski says:

    How do I get the Free March Madness banner you are offering.

  3. Jamal Amer says:

    How do I get the free Posters & Panners for RuslleMania on April 1?

    • ** The March Madness banner is available through DIRECTV for all Bar & Restaurant customers.

      To get your free banner:

      Visit the DIRECTV MVP MarketingWebsite –
      In the Username space enter the letters DTV followed by your DIRECTV account number (example – DTV9999999) The DTV is all caps.
      Enter your password or if you have never logged in before use directv – all lower case.
      Once you are on the DIRECTV MVP site, click on “On-Site Merchandise”
      The banner will be the 1st listing on the left under “New Arrivals”

      Once you order your Free March Madness banner, make sure you explore the site. You may even find that you have a credit on the site for other marketing materials if you have subscribed to any of the premium Sports packages like MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN Full Court, or NBA League Pass.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800-951-1979.

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